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Interior Consulting

Interior Consulting

Design Plan

(Starting at €2 400.00)


This is the most comprehensive interior service and will provide you with all you need to complete your space.  This will help you solve any high-level design issues - whether it's a room refresh, full renovation or new build.


custom approach to every project is created by first collaborating on the overall look and the feeling you are trying to achieve and the budget you are working with. The planning and sourcing process for all details, fixtures etc. will be quickly started. In short order you will receive a custom design board, space plan, detailed shopping lists (with links) and more.


At this stage the you can decide bring the plan to life at your preferred pace, or I can continue to help with product procurement, project management and implementation of the design.


This service is offered at a fixed rate and can be completed in-person or virtually.




Interior Consulting

Designer for the Day

(Starting at €450/3 hours)

Designer for the Day is a single day, collaborative design consultation.  It is a fun and effective way to gain direction and vision for your space to help guide you towards the transformation you are looking for.

Designer for the Day is great for determining a colour scheme (or figuring out how to compliment one already in place), reworking furniture layout, lighting, flooring, decor, shelf styling and soft furnishings (or anything else that you would wish to address).

How the time is used is completely up to you!  We can pour over a single room in detail or do an overview of multiple spaces.  To make the most of our time together we will first have a quick virtual meeting where you can fill me in on any design dilemmas or "looks" you are hoping to create in your space, this way I can come prepared with some ideas and samples.  At the end of our time together you will be well on your way with a clear direction and action plan.


Construction Support

Construction Support 

(Please contact for quote)


It's not unusual when you are embarking on a new build or are mid-renovation to need a little support through all the design decisions and some of the back and forth with builders and contractors.  It's often helpful to have "fresh eyes" when the overwhelm sets in or you feel you need an extra hand to keep the design train on the tracks.

What Clients Are Saying

"Jackie was amazing!  She listened to everything I shared about my ideas for what I wanted.  She followed up with a perfect description, including some visuals and then helped me pull it together beautifully!!  I love that she incorporated items and pictures that we already owned and she had such wonderful ideas of how to display them all. She has such a good eye and a great vision and her attention to detail is fabulous!!  She collaborates in a way that is a perfect balance of listening to the client and suggesting new concepts.  This made the  project feel like a partnership combined with the expert guidance we needed to turn our vision into reality.  I highly recommend working with her!!"  

                                                                                                                           ~ Angela West Norris

"It was really helpful to have you weigh in!!  Raul really said 'If Jackie had been around sooner to weigh in on everything else SO much time would have been saved!!!"

~ Khahn Vu



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